Фабрика печати в Санкт-Петербурге. Предприятие по производству печати на текстиле в СПБ.
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Print your prints, illustrations, photos
On natural and synthetic fabrics.
The width of the print is up to 180 cm.
Full color, perfect color rendering.
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We sew any textile products.
We perform post-print processing
- hot cutting, stitching, edge overlock,
seam with a bend and more.
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We develop prints, patterns for fabrics,
clothes, bed linen
and other ready-made textiles,
for wallpaper, tile, packing, polygraphy.
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Маска для лица однослойная Маска для лица однослойная

We produce any products with the full-color printing

No suitable model in the catalogue?
Don't worry!
We will do whatever you want, according to your technical assignment, brief or sample.
Leave your phone number and we will call back you within 15 minutes.

We print on polyester and natural fabrics up to 180 cm wide

We have the largest range of textile materials for clothing, sports, decoration, and advertising.
We can print any images, photos, logos or texts οn fabrics. There are no restrictions for colors.

Printed fabrics are washable, they do not lose colour or fade.
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Make design

We are one of the first and few studios ,
that deals with surface design in Russia.

Prints, patterns
and textile designs are our speciality

But besides this, we have a successful and rich experience in all areas of graphic design.
We develop logos, corporate identity, packaging, corporate characters and printing design.
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Printing on fabrics , printing on decoration, printing on apparel, printing on textile, tailoring of products, printing on sportswear.
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Prints, patterns, textile design, surface design, logos, corporate identity, packaging, souvenirs.
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Why choose us

We’re producers – not agents –
we develop products in-house -
our price policy is clear with no extra payments.
Big experience in working with
wide-scale and complex projects.
Perfect color correspondence and
brightness – our clients certify that
We love what we do,
therefore it's a pleasure to work with us,
and much more pleasure to see the result.
We suggest a package approach
to our clients: design development,
sampling, yardage fabric printing
and manufacturing of ready-made textile products.
We don't save on our clients
and use supplies of highest quality.
As a result we have rich, bright
and very detailed printing products.

We were chosen

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Kunjut T & D is a fabric printing factory, sewing production and a design studio

The company works both: with wholesale and short-runs. Kunjut T & D provides a range of services: printing on fabrics in St. Petersburg, production of any textiles with any drawings and allover printing, as well as all kinds of prints and patterns on fabrics. Kunjut T & D is the most demanded textile printing enterprise in St. Petersburg. We are trusted by leading museums of the country, companies, advertising agencies, theaters, festivals, designers and artists. Among our clients are: the Russian Museum, Moscow Kremlin Museums, Hermitage Museum shop, Theater of Europe, Mikhailovsky Theater, Illan advertising agency, Riki Production Center, Gazprom, Expoforum, STS, Orimi Trade and many others. We provide delivery all over Russian Federation. We use the best equipment for sublimation and digital printing on fabrics, original and absolutely safe inks (eco-passport OEKO-TEX), as well as premium Canadian sublimation paper. All these factors,including professional attitude to our work helps us in getting  maximum quality, rich colors, highly detailed workout and accurate color reproduction. We pay special attention to fabrics for printing,constantly examining the market, looking for new quality textiles and introducing them into our range of products. We have fabrics for clothing, interior, sports, scenery, scarves, bags and backpacks, travel gear, swimsuits, etc. The minimum print run on fabric using sublimation method is 2 m2. Depending on production volumes we provide fare discounts, as well as special offers for regular customers, students of professionally oriented universities and designers.


Work across all Russia, will deliver to any city!
(free call within Russia)
194358, Saint-Petersburg,
pr. Engelsa, 150, kor. Б.
Working time: Mo-Fr 9.00 - 19.00
Work across all world,
will deliver to any city!
(free call within Russia)
194358, Saint-Petersburg,
pr. Engelsa, 150, kor. Б.
Working time: Mo-Fr 9.00 - 19.00
OOO "Kunjut"
INN 7838493981
OGRN 1137847307531
OGRNIP 1137847307531 KJ