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Zipper Bottle koozie/hugger

Zipper Bottle koozie/hugger

Zipper Bottle koozie/hugger

Арт. KJCS01
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До увеличения скидки осталось шт. Применена максимальная скидка
Минимальный тираж - 46 шт.

О товаре:

For production of covers we use neoprene fabric. It maintains the temperature of the drink, allowing cold one to remain cold and warm to remain warm.
The fabric stretches well and tightly fits the container, the bottle does not slip in the handles, it is comfortable to hold it.
For beverage manufacturers, fitness clubs and event organizers – it is an original and affordable carrier. Proposed model of the cover has a bottom and is fixed by a zipper.
It is possible to produce simplified models - without bottom or zipper.

Minimum circulation - 12 pieces.

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