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Kitchen Towel

Kitchen Towel

Kitchen Towel

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О товаре:

Kitchen towel with border

Kitchen towel is 40X60cm, with a printed border of gabardine at the top and at the bottom (40X10 cm).

For the production of kitchen towels we use 100% cotton, which is the highest-quality waffle with a density of 240 g/m2. The special structure of the fabric (cells 7*7 mm) helps to better absorb moisture and to remove dirt from the surface. Thanks to the high quality of the material, the printed border towel is also remarkable from an aesthetic point of view: it looks stylish and expensive.

Upon request, towels are available in 8 different colors: white, red, blue, olive, grey, beige powder, dark green and grass green. Any kind of image can be printed on the borders.

Advantages of wafer towels:
- They are durable
- They are strong
- When wiping do not appear any villuses
- They are hypoallergenic

Minimum circulation is 13 pieces.
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