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Арт. KJOV05
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Ткань изделияЦена, руб.
до 11 шт.12-50 шт.51-100 шт.101-300 шт.301-500 шт.501-1000 шт.1001-3000 шт.
Oxford 150/2105235488745384188383934903173
Waterproof Dewspo Milky5168482444804135379134463133

Минимальный тираж: шт.

Цена на тираж от 3001 шт. - по запросу


О товаре:

We can make a windbreaker with full-color printing of any images in St. Petersburg and Moscow. The product is zippered from water-repellent fabrics Oxford 150/210 or waterproof dewspo milky, with a hood and pockets. Windbreaker can be made without lining, lined with polyester silk lining or polar fleece. The price is for the product lined with polyester silk lining. Minimum circulation - 2 pieces.
Для оптовой торговли обязательна маркировка.

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