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Production of custom-made backpacks

Production of custom-made backpacks

Production of custom-made backpacks

Арт. KJBP01
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До увеличения скидки осталось шт. Применена максимальная скидка
Минимальный тираж - 50 шт.

О товаре:

In addition to the main compartment with a depth of 13 cm, there is an external zipper pocket. The back, the straps and the bottom are made with addition of soft inserts, which makes the backpack comfortable and convenient to wear and helps the product to keep its shape.
There is a lining inside of the bag, made of polyester silk lining, which can be also printing using any images. All zippers and inner seams are closed, and accessories are picked up in the same pattern. There is a choice of two fabrics – nice to touch suede and textured linen. Both fabrics are durable and very wear-resistant.

Рюкзак представлен в трех размерах:
- male 34х45х13 cm
- female 30х40х13 cm
- children 22х30х13 cm

Minimum circulation - 10 pieces.

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