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Infinity scarf

Infinity scarf

Арт. KJSF12
Таблица цен
  • 92х147
Ткань изделияЦена, руб.
до 11 шт.12-50 шт.51-100 шт.101-300 шт.301-500 шт.501-1000 шт.1001-3000 шт.

Минимальный тираж: шт.

Цена на тираж от 3001 шт. - по запросу


О товаре:

We produce infinity scarf with any images printing.
Infinity scarf or scarf-collar is a product from light poly muslin fabric. The size of the product is 92x147 cm. Scarf is sewn in width; the edges are handled with a neat seam and a hem. Fiber filaments of poly muslin have a greater similarity with the natural fabric and are nice to touch, do not crumple. Also they are perfectly draped
The minimum circulation - 4 pieces

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