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Cotton strap tote

Cotton strap tote

Арт. KJBG02
Таблица цен
  • 35х45
Ткань изделияЦена, руб.
до 11 шт.12-50 шт.51-100 шт.101-300 шт.301-500 шт.501-1000 шт.1001-3000 шт.
Oxford 600841785729673617560510
Interior suede962897833769705641583

Минимальный тираж: шт.

Цена на тираж от 3001 шт. - по запросу


О товаре:

We can make tote bags with printing of any images.

The tote bag has cotton sling and has a rectangular shape without lining. Handles are made of cotton slings. Handles are 30 cm long. It is a comfortable and spacious accessory. It can be made of waterproof material, which is Oxford 600 or it can be also made of textured and durable fabric, which is Tesla linen .The size is a bit bigger than the classic version of the tote bag.

Thanks to the cotton sling, the bag looks more commercial and stylish. The minimum circulation is 5 pieces
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