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Children’s products
Children’s products

We specialize in surface design

We create prints and patterns for fabrics, clothes, wallpapers, tiles, bed linens, books and other carriers.

We work in all styles and techniques.

From classics and romance to kitsch and abstraction. From graphics to watercolors.

We develop from one image to a collection.

The collection usually includes several key prints or patterns in a single style, theme
and color scheme, supplemented by companions.
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Catalog of prints

We have a catalog of prints and patterns.
If you print them in our company, you could use prints and patterns free.
Still life
Mustard bouquet
Summer night bouquet
Winter flowers
Abstract jungle
Flowers and journalism
Ice cream cone
Anemones and roses
Autumn morning
Autumn leaf fall
Circles on flowers
Abstract strawberry
Magnolia in bloom
Summer day
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Также мы выполняем базовые дизайн-работы, которые обычно требуются при подготовке файлов в печать

Drawing the design
according to the pattern
of photo collage,
photo processing
Preparing the layout
for technical requirements,
layout for templates
Cleaning the layout
Translation into a vector,

In general, we can do everything!

We develop corporate identity, logos,
packaging, tags, labels, leaflets, postcards,
brochures, branded characters and everything else from
the graphic design sector.
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