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Цены на дизайн

prints, patterns, illustrations
price, EUR

* Is not a public offer

for fabric, textile, aparel
от 1500
print, pattern, companion
от 5000
Illustration design
от 5000
Technical design
Digitization / adjustment of patterns
от 1500
Development of individual textile products
toys, clothing and accessories
от 3500
The creation of the design based on the provided images,
reproductions and photos
от 1500
We also create a photo collage
от 750
Draw ornaments, prints according to a sample or photo.
от 1500
Cleaning, correction, preparation of the layout for printing,
repainting, color correction.
1500 rouble/hour
Preparation of mock up collectibles.
от 500 руб./object
Corporate identity, packaging
Development of logo design.
от 15 000
Design of corporate identity
от 30 000
Company’s letterhead / certificate/envelope / business card
от 2000
Design and layout of the new packaging
от 10 000
Layout of serial packaging
от 3500
Design and layout of the new label/liner
от 5000
Layout of serial label / liner
от 1500
Design of multi-page catalogue, brochures, magazines.
от 40 000
Layout of the catalogue, brochure, magazine
based according to approved design
от 900 rouble/zone
The design and layout of leaflets, booklets
of A4 (210x297 mm), eurobooklet 4+0/4+4
от 5000
Design and layout of leaflets, booklet up
формата to A3 (297x420 mm) 4+0/4+4.
от 7500
Design and layout of flyers up to A5, 4+0/4+4.
от 3300
Design of A2 and more
posters, billboards, banners
от 4500
Order design
Order design