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Heavy silk satin
Composition - 100% polyester
Density - 135 gsm
Printing width - 157 cm
Price for fabric with printing
м² 4-11 12-50 51-100 101-300 301-500 501-1000
10,7 9,8 9,4 8,9 7,4 6,1
Heavy silk satin -100% polyester satin weave fabric with smooth, sleek surface, with silky texture and noble glitter. Print on the heavy silk satin looks incredibly bright, colourful and impressive. After printing, fabric shrinks by 3-5%.
Heavy silk satin is widely used for interior decoration (pillows, curtains), making stage sceneryand costumes for sewing clothes and accessories (ties, scarves, gift bags).
Проекты с использованием атласа
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