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Waterproof Dewspo Milky
Composition - 100% pes
Density - 84 gsm
Printing width - 145 сm
Price for fabric with printing
м² 4-11 12-50 51-100 101-300 301-500 501-1000
8,8 8 7,7 7,3 6,1 5
Waterproof Dewspo Milky - 100% polyester matte fabric with calico weave and water-repellent coating, it can stand 600 mm. of water column. Due to calico weave has a smooth texture and surprisingly it’s very good in sewing. It should be noted that during printing process the fabric shrinks by 5%.
Dewspo is widely used for producing of outerwear, jackets, raincoats, rain ponchos, promotional clothing, children's bibs and drawing aprons, for outdoor advertising and decorations. The fabric can also be used for making souvenirs, flags, and interior decoration.
Проекты с использованием дьюспо
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