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Oxford 150/210
Composition - 100% pes, PU
Density - 90 gsm
Printing width - 147 сm
Price for fabric with printing
м² 4-11 12-50 51-100 101-300 301-500 501-1000
8,1 7,4 7 6,7 5,6 4,6
Oxford 150 - polyester matte fabric with calico weaves. It is a durable material with a special polyurethane coating that provides good water resistance. It is necessary to take into account that in the process of printing the fabric shrinks by width 5%.
Oxford 150 is widely used as a jacket fabric, suitable for producing of clothing, touristic gear for fishermen and hunters, tents, sleeping bags, raincoats, handbags and backpacks, curtains in the bathroom, aprons, outdoor advertising and decorations.
Проекты с использованием оксфорда 150
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