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Catalog printing on clothing

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We do printing on clothes for wholesale and retail orders from 1-10 items depending on the type of product.

We use sublimation printing on apparel. First, the model is printed on a fabric roll, and then we cut and sew the ultimate product. This technology allows us to print on the entire surface of the product and print any image on the apparel:

– putting logo application on apparel

– writing on apparel

– transferring photos and any full-color images on apparel.

Printing on apparel is seamless for a customer, and does not change the texture of the fabric. Ink penetrates the structure of the material being fixed there forever. Printed clothes can be washed, they do not shed or fade. The logo printing on apparel and other company identity prints allow us to form or maintain a recognizable image of the company (festival event, children’s camp place and schools). We can make apparel for any business and for any purpose. We print T-shirts, sweatshirts, sportswear, leggings, winter jackets, rain ponchos, dresses, skirts and much more. We also make accessories upon request: square and oblong scarves, ties, bow ties, mufflers, bags and backpacks. The logo or any other image application on fabric passes through 2 stages: first we print on special sublimation paper, and then under 180-200 degrees the image is transferred from the paper to the fabric. Printing becomes bright, juicy with high definition and sharp lines. In the same circulation you may find products with different images. We have our own printing and sewing production, so we offer competitive prices and always observe and control product quality. We also have our own design studio. We specialize in textile design: we can will make printing from basics, lay the image on patterns or make color correction. From our company you can order the entire work cycle, – starting from the layout and finishing at the ultimate product. Our products are certified and safe (proved by the relevant certificates).